Thursday, 21 August 2008

The Weather

The British are always complaining about the weather. It is a national sport to try to think of some new comment about the lack of what we want and the excess of what we get.

My friend on Orcadian weather calls a wind that nearly knocked me flat a 'summer breeze'. Apparently Orkney exports two things to scandinavia, beef and satellite dishes! The sea mist (dense fog) is also remarkable in that it can stand still in a force 10 wind.

It is not a good day for daisies to dance,

The air is too heavy for their petals to rise,

To rest on rocks, like the clouds, to them seems wise,

The thistles stand waiting for their partners to wake,

The clover spreads a rich carpet of green and red,

The daisies simply sleep soundly instead,

It is not a good day for daisies to dance.


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