Thursday, 21 August 2008

Hidden Haven

No surf crashes on this stony shore,

Storm winds scream and the long grass lashes

Through the air for more,

Twisting and bending defying natural law,

Using earth’s gifts to conduct a symphony,

Banks of blades sway and roll in deep drifts

To a melody,

Originally written for the wide wild sea.


No horses ride into this sheltered bay,

The arms of this haven hold calm inside,

And whispers that say,

Come into my shallows and safely play,

And I will sing a lullaby of light,

Rest on ripples and I shall surely bring,

A song of the night,

And mimic the magic of silver moonlight.


No blushing rose lifts her face to the sky,

Clover and heather this windswept land chose

To grow with wild rye,

And capture the glow from embers before they die,

Here the music warms a weak failing heart,

With natural rhythms to ride any storms,

Nor will it depart,

The overture freely given is only the start.

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