Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Physician Heal Thyself

I went to see a pain consultant yesterday. He has kindly offered to try to help me with injections into my head although he cannot promise this will reduce the chronic pain. He asked me many questions including how often I vomited with the pain. I wanted to answer, "every day all over the white word page on my computer" but I have learned to eliminate my humour from replies to the medical profession. It has been so often misunderstood.

Image credit. ROB

I will be glad when winter comes,

And cuts the cord from memories of summer,

Severs the string that pulls on my heart,

            So we might never part,

I will be glad when winter arrives,

And sheet ice covers the water,

            Hiding her daughter,

A reflection that tries to reach me,

            From over the sea,

I will be glad when winter brings sleep,

Yet summer dreams are the best,

            Some stand the long test,

Of winter,

Fingers faintly stir through the long night,

And speak of many meetings in the pale moonlight.


Image credit ROB

This awesome sight,

      Towers high as if to touch

            A halo of light,

An architect had a dream so tall

      Foundations so strong,

            It now elevates us all,

Shows us how small we are,

      But with vision build beauty

            With dust from a star,

Yet our best efforts lose

      To the lily in the field,

            Where beauty and simplicity fuse.

Image credit ROB

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pprrrr39 said...

Oh my ....I am sorry to hear about your suffering. i do hope that he is able to help you.
Very nice poem too......... even though i have to admit that i am a sunshine person... saying that living in the UK we hardly see it........ lol
Take care