Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Plain Sailing

Sail on unseen waves,

     Red sails unfurled,

Sail through my window,

     And sing to the world,

And the sea will play

     A haunting melody,

As one with the wind

      You fly free.


Whisper your secrets,

      Many tales told,

And bubbling foam

      Around them will fold,

In a language known,

      By those who roam,

Throughout their lives searching,

      Yet found home.


Sail safely through storm,

      Calm waters wait,

You may be slow,

      But never too late,

The evening sun flings

      Flames into night,

A haven painted for you,

      By our star’s light.


Photograph by Rob who has kindly given me many of his superb pictures to play with.



1 comment:

pprrrr39 said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures and words.
Thank you
hugs Jayne