Saturday, 30 August 2008

From the Child in Me

For the child in you.

There is no ship or message in me,

    I have been used and am now empty,

I am made of plastic to throw away,

    Non-returnable, non-degradable, I’m here to stay,

Unless a child should come my way,

    With imagination to use me in her play.


I could be a rocket to fly to Mars,

    Then ever onward to a galaxy of stars,

She would carefully write a message for me

    To carry to the future of space rocketry,

My cap as a nosecone, by the way it’s bright blue,

    Which recalls my home world as seen by a few.


The child would choose her crayon with care,

    What colour would go with words that dare

To speak from one world to anyone ‘out there’,

    And what words would she, a child, wish to share?

A few simple words that would simply say,

    ‘Love from me to you, today.’

1 comment:

pprrrr39 said...

Love the poem......... and so so true.