Saturday, 23 August 2008

A Wave and a Wish

I find you waiting in the early morning light,

Clear as the mountain springs that feed you well,

Sunbeams dancing on your smooth swell,

Gaily they move over your quiet might,

Their marble mask hiding a jewelled earth from sight.


I hear the music of mountains in the shallows at my feet,

Echoes from earth crumbled by you alone,

As you marched slowly by hard as stone,

Now carefully carried in waves soft and sweet,

Kissing the shore gently wherever you meet.


I see the sky reflected in a hazy veil of blue,

Drawn over your face then waved aside,

As if the wind would clean you and ride

On water as clear as the air above you,

And prance over pebbles of every hue.


I wish I could put here the intended photographs and the song to go with them but I cannot upload them. I am waiting for the help that hopefully will show me what I am doing wrong. It is my birthday today and I will treat the answer as a much needed present.

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