Sunday, 31 August 2008

River Song

No boundaries, no edge, no bank, no wall,

   This river lives and breathes the rhythm of life,

   She declared her love in one spring and now as wife

Flows freely ever faithful to destiny’s call.

You are welcome to drink her waters,

   Or pass by without a second glance

   At light’s reflection performing a dance,

Capturing images as identical daughters.

Rainmakers ride the winds of change,

   Single shape-shifters sail a bright blue sea,

   Gathered in a storm they rule the sky totally,

Invigorating the earth within their range,

This river floods onto reams of white paper,

   Thoughts risen from an ocean of memories like clouds,

   Drench mountains and valleys alike from torn shrouds,

Attenuation with time allowing torrent to taper.

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pprrrr39 said...

Thank you for sharing
hugs Jayne