Monday, 25 August 2008


Slip silently away on a warm summer's day,

Sit beside the brook in a shady nook,

Or lie by the stream close your eyes and dream,

Dream within a dream and all will seem

To become real and you can steal

A moment from the past and make it last.

Ride through the glade in the dappled shade,

Hear the birds sing in the trees and on the wing,

Open your eyes wide and hear a song inside,

That cries to be freed and feel the need,

To sing out loud and tear the shroud,

From where memories lie refusing to die.

Ride with the wind in your hair to where eagles dare

To soar so high they touch the blue sky,

Let your heart climb to a realm sublime,

Spread your wings wide and without effort glide,

On a melody so fair you become one with the air,

And the music will dance as you quickly advance.

Ride on a wave so blue it echoes through you,

Send ripples that roll with the sun's ray they stole,

Make a moonbeam bend and return love you send,

Catch the faintest sweet scent the evening air is lent,

Hold it in your hand and give it back to the land,

That nurtured you with honesty so true.

Take rough ground in your stride ford rivers deep and wide,

Walk on and the ground rings with music you've found,

Walk through refreshing rain let it wash away pain,

Like tears that fall from the heavens for us all,

Walk on with faith and hope on any slippery slope,

Walk on and you'll bring a love for life when you sing.

Hear the music play alongside what you say,

Rise and fall with the beat until the song is complete,

Sail the high seas cross deserts with ease,

Sing to the sun and moon and your song will soon

Fly through prison bars and ride to the stars,

As one summer's day you slipped silently away.


A good friend, Rob, came to my rescue and compressed my picture files. So far everything seems to be uploading and in a much faster time too.

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pprrrr39 said...

Lovely pictures and words....Thank you
hugs Jayne