Thursday, 21 August 2008

Evolution in Reverse

Yet some returned to their original home,

And the deepest oceans now roam,

Gentle blue giants and some whose song

Can be heard echoing through where they belong,

And others who play in sea foam.


Did they hear a song that could not be denied?

Echoing memories that simply cried,

High on the crests of waves reaching for the sky,

Carried in stormy winds on the sound of a sigh,

Remember the womb of life and return to abide.


How many hear the music of that timeless call?

Reflecting from a full moon and fall,

Onto their knees at the height of the seas reach,

Follow to its’ lowest point on the beach,

And dance to ancient rhythms they recall.


To drink these waters brings madness to the mind,

Songs of their magic brings sight to the blind,

Forever changing yet always constant they stay,

With such music to guide us on our way,

And majesty that nowhere else on Earth we find.

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