Friday, 22 August 2008

Cycles Circles and Rings

The few remaining ducklings huddle close to the shore,

A skua circles silently hungry for more,

Sea thrift crowds in the crevices of rocks from cliff hewn,

Over them dried seaweed contorted by the sun is strewn,

The waves slap the sides of gullies and gulp for air,

A seal calls to her pup in ocean tones they share,

Here the land touches the sea and the sky,

Here I could learn to swim and fly,

I would stand true on the ancient ground,

I would sing songs to the music around,

I would rejoice in every wondrous sound,

Let me dream on for there life I can bear,

Let me feel joy move on waves in the air.


Stones of Brodgar reach to the future from the past,

To show that courage can build a monument cast

In a circle that echoes a rhythm that surrounds

These islands and will never know any bounds,

Yet is held in simple grassy mounds,

Hills of Hoy play natural symphonies,

And return the beat in earth’s melodies.

Stromness houses huddled around the curving bay,

In a circle that would bind the land to the sea and say,

To the water within whose depths the circle also lies,

This port is a haven I have heard the cries,

For safety from storms under thundering skies,

Your moving mountains belong to the ocean deep,

The charms of tranquillity this town shall keep.

And for J Land

Wander lost,

Through a maze, mist

Even hiding the walls,

Count the cost,

Of right turns missed,

Take all the falls,

On my forehead ‘FOOL’ embossed.

So leave,

Any way, today,

Don’t bother to try,

And constantly weave,

Don’t try to stay,

Don’t ask why,

I’ll never haven achieve.

Or take hold,

Of the moment,

Determine to stand,

And my life mould,

With time well spent,

Not falling like sand,

On my heart the word ‘SOLD’.


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pprrrr39 said...

Love the stone photos
hugs Jayne