Thursday, 28 August 2008

Past and Present ...

How do we know if something is good?

I believe the greatest test for anything is time.

The best music, art, literature and science is timeless.

The rest of us follow in the giant footsteps of genius.

The earth sings in waves of golden corn,

Two deep tracks hold the fallen rain

And it waltzes again with a bright blue sky,

I hear laughter as I pass by,

The moon is riding high above the lane,

And smiling back to the light of the dawn.

The oak tree stands like a silent guard,

Yet sends a powerful timeless call,

Into the future from a graceful past,

Visions of beauty that will always last,

Conquering oceans in ships fair and tall,

Now unfurls leaves and deals with pollution’s card.

This trail is cut through town and hill,

And echoes to the thunderous sound

Of trains steaming under a bridge of stone,

No longer standing strictly alone,

The sun streams through arching trees to the ground,

I see the passing lights of the carriages still.

A bond of friendship renewed every day,

Loyalty and trust reflected in their eyes,

They dance together under a new sun,

And will rely on each other before the day is done,

Here is where my moment in time lies,

Beside the track and on The Pennine Way.




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