Thursday, 21 August 2008

Call of the Wild

They run through the Greenwood,

Echoing their ancestors,

In the early morning light,

And to some this simple sight,

Awakes a long lost dread,

But the wolf was tamed

To shepherd and guard the sheep,

Yet for some instinct is too deep,

Fear drives unconscious reactions,

That generate distrust in ‘man’s best friend’.


If man should fall victim to his ancient fears,

He will surely destroy all natural things,

Artificial light true darkness bars,

Drowning soft moonlight and heavenly stars,

All trees felled will leave a barren land,

As on Easter Island civilisation would fail,

Cover the earth with tarmac and concrete,

And the floodwaters will eventually meet,

Our future depends on our gaining wisdom,

To use increasing knowledge for the good of all.


Long may they run in days to come,

Boldly stating their claim to the land,

Through the dappled shade,

Honouring the promise made,

When they came in from the cold,

To share the warmth of our fires,

Let the leaves gently fall,

From Greenwood trees tall,

And the mighty oak rest and sleep,

While a river of stars the long night vigil keep.

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