Thursday, 21 August 2008

Lest I forget

Limpets that once held onto rocks with the strength of life,

In death hold hues that echo where they now lie,

I would remember the colours of this place.


Seaweed that once held fast to its’ ocean home,

Cream, green and brown that danced to silent rhythms,

In death abandoned by the water dried by the sun,

Lie like blackened corpses on a battleground,

With some like pickled red cabbage to mimic the blood

Shed by the few for so many to be saved,

I would remember the colours of this place.


The ground I walk on holding every shade on earth,

Difficult to find among the millions of grains,

Yet from afar one will always play the major role,

Like a precious resource that is easily missed,

Yet its’ far reaching power will shine colouring all

With a golden reflection like sunlight through honey,

So also some lives throw light for the good of all,

I would remember the colours of this place.


Rocks draped with life wait for the water to return,

Like rich brown oak in winter and fresh green larch in spring,

I would remember the colours of this place.


pharmolo said...

Quite a beautiful blog you have here, Helen. I wish you strength in coping with the damage caused by the accident, but am pleased to note you are enjoying your environment. Will highlight your journal.


jeanno43 said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful poetry.  Nice to meet you, I am here courtesy of Guido.  We have two dogs as well, both Border Collies.

jeanno43 said...

If you would like any help, please e-mail me.

godolallie said...

Thank you for your very encouraging comments. I will be asking for help, as I would like to improve the journal with links to favourite sites to name only one thing.
I will be returning the complement and reading your journals. There is such a lot that I can learn from all of you.