Friday, 29 August 2008

Dies Irae

I picked 'angry' for my mood but wish that aol gave me a drop down to include a lot of others that would also describe how I feel this morning after removing dog pooh left by an irresponsible owner scattered all over the pavement. My friend Rob calls them 'mines' and that is exactly what they are to the blind or partially sighted.

I would not spoil anyone else's day with a photograph of such ignorant behaviour, as I would prefer to generate a smile with the following dream.

If I could paint the sky the way I feel today,

  A thundercloud would fly to catch the last sun’s ray,

Like the sword of Damocles hung over where you lie,

  With every word I’ve sung held before I die.


They would fall like rain precisely and on cue,

   You would call again but I would not hear you,

Thoughts would strike and burn a pathway to your heart,

   You would have to learn a completely new part.


The litter you leave would drop like hail,

   You would grieve that you consistently fail,

To clear up after your dog when down from the sky

    It all falls like a log when you walk by.


I’d give sight to the blind so they might see,

   You rewarded in kind and give them glee,

The earth would repay your selfish deeds,

   And in wrath that day bury dangerous weeds.


Post script. The music has triumphed over my anger and I would choose 'relaxed' for my mood now.

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pharmolo said...

People who don't clear up after their pet are unworthy of your wrath. Glad the music cheered you up

andrewfrnd said...

Welcome to journal land, you have some gorgeous entries which I intend to savour in the course of time

pprrrr39 said...

That is one of my pet hates..... people who do not clean up after their pets..... would they allow them to do it in their own garden......... No ... so why do it all over the pavements for children and others to walk in......... DISGUSTING !!!
Lovely words...thank you
hugs Jayne