Thursday, 28 August 2008

... and Dreams of the Future

Thistles and a standing stone tower over me,

   Highland music flows on a clear mountain air,

My mind moves in a dream to a place far away

   And I greet the cloudless sky of another day,

As into the fathomless blue I stare,

   I see waiting for our ships the deepest sea.


Brave pioneers will carry our dreams tomorrow,

   In a future and to places as yet unknown,

They will gather wisdom and learn new ways,

   They will dream when their music plays,

As history has frequently simply shown,

   Human spirit will rise above any present sorrow.


The clever tools I have dabbled with to alter the photographs I found by visiting The Cube one of the journals written by a free spirit called Deb. I strongly recommend her journals as both entertaining and informative.

Picnik does all the hard work and all you have is fun! There are no downloads and it is absolutely free.

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dbaumgartner said...

Ahh, thanks Liz.

Love your journal and I will have to take some time to see all you have here.