Thursday, 18 September 2008


Fallen tree your roots flying free,

   In death you look victorious to me,

I sense your ancient spirit still,

   And stand in awe, I always will,

You were the best and deserve your rest,

   You stood firm and survived life’s test,

Though I am so small beside you now,

   I’ll tell your tale if you will allow.


Borne on the wind of chance you won,

   Your place right here under the sun,

Fed by the earth you fought and grew,

   To a height attained by very few,

Your song is ringing through the air,

   Still calling to any who would dare

To follow; grow straight and tall like you

   And reach for the light in all they do.


Everything you heard and all you saw,

   You hold in time like an open door,

Through which we can listen and look,

   Some hear and see the day the earth shook,

As you surrendered the wealth in your store,

   Returning her gifts with so much more,

The forest still echoes to the sound,

   While you lie sleeping on the ground.


I touch the moment I heard your song,

   It caresses the air with beauty, yet

    The strident call wins every bet,

Always sounding both clear and strong,

I would walk quietly in your shade,

   I would grow up toward the light,

   And under the full moon of the night,

Try to match the shadow you made.



lifes2odd said...

This is really beautiful Liz. You are a wonderful writer. I hope things are better for you soon. Hugs my fellow free spirit, Martha

nhd106 said...

I'm often drawn to roots....perhaps because I don't have many of my own.   Another fine entry!


pprrrr39 said...

Thank you for this great entry
hugs Jayne

Connie Higginbotham said...

I love that line-'and stand in awe,I always will' because I stand in awe of your writing and photography talents and always will my friend.