Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I am unable to upload my pictures.

I do not know what I am doing wrong, as they have been formatted in the same way as others that uploaded with no problems.

Obviously until this is solved there will be no more entries in the journal.


I have tried uploading the original of one of the pictures I edited. This was accepted with no problems however the picture requires rotating as do many of mine so unless I can fathom out what I have done wrong during the editing process it means many of my pictures are useless. I have tried to redo the picture but it was rejected again. Now I cannot get the site to work at all!

I do not know enough to be able to work out what is going wrong and I don't need the added stress this is causing. I thought of just using unaltered photos but that doesn't solve the problem and I will soon run out of photos that will upload and songs that I have written have no photos that will upload to go with them.

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dbaumgartner said...

It's most likely an issue with AOL.  Do you get an error or what is the problem?  I'll try to help.

Email me the details if you would like and I'll see what's up