Friday, 5 September 2008

"All the Worlds a Stage"

"He would drown the stage with tears"

Both the subject and the first line are quotes from The Bard (Shakespeare) I beg to be forgiven for taking them out of context and placing them with my poor offering. The first is from 'As You Like It', the second from 'Hamlet.'

If the skill with which winter’s coldest thought,

    Turns wild waves of the ocean to iron that is wrought,

For white bears to play out their lives on stage,

     Is forgotten by the waters, we will enter a new age.

Lands will be lost to the rising flood,

     Productive soil turned to useless mud,

The Atlantic conveyor will be brought to its’ knees,

     As the salt in the water falls by degrees.

Then by degrees will these emerald isles,

     Feel the cold grip of winter’s deadly trials,

The cry of the wolf will be heard again,

     As our beautiful country howls out in pain.

The shout is loud to save the seal,

     Whose baby eyes our hearts can steal,

While the balance of nature hangs on a fine edge,

     Listen to the ice screaming for a similar pledge.


This is my response to the news that another large amount of the ice pack has been lost to the Atlantic ocean.

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pprrrr39 said...

Very poignant