Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Mirror, Mirror

The air hangs heavy over discarded litter,

Such cheer laziness makes me angry and bitter,

A generation has come that leaves to another,

To care for this country like a sister or brother,

We’ve cosseted these selfish people too long,

It is time decent folk sing a louder song.

I took this picture within yards of a bin,

With some people so blind we cannot win,

I filled two carrier bags today,

With litter dropped on the Pennine Way,

No wonder the council tax is so high,

Clearing up after morons makes me cry.


Image credit ROB

Moving mirror hold my heart,

    That once sailed bravely over thee,

    Then whisper words to set it free,

And from you it will never part,

Together we will always weave,

    Between the banks of gold and green,

        Under changing skies we’ll be seen,

    Echoing the places we have been,

Before it’s time for us to leave.

Image credit ROB &Photoshop

A rusting skeleton now lies,

    Derelict and devoid of dreams,

    Washed by water as it streams

Forward, and as yesterday dies

We shall sing our silent song,

    Today to every tomorrow,

        Laughter will conquer sorrow,

    Sunbeams and moonlight we’ll borrow,

To dance with us where they belong.

Image credit ROB

The music will play for all to hear,

    No lock can bar our melody,

    Nor storm mar our serenity,

We are a way and always near,

Touch us with an open hand,

    Watch the ripples wave with delight,

        See beauty-displaying wings for flight,

    Join in the dainty dance of light,

And love will flow through this land.

Image credit ROB

This is my last entry, as I need to gather strength to fight the distress noise is causing me. If I manage to bring it under control I will come back with more pictures within pictures, but for now many thanks to everyone who has helped and encouraged me. Kindest regards to you all.


pharmolo said...

Come back soon, you're doing great :-)

pprrrr39 said...

I am very sorry to hear about the distress the noise is causing you and hope that you can find a cure for it.

The pictures and words are wonderful......... so try not to stay away toooooo long as you will be missed

Take care
hugs Jayne