Thursday, 4 September 2008

Seaweed and Stone

Image credit ROB

High cliffs of Yesnaby that once were far below

   An ancient sea, now just a memory of a song

Locked in stone, a frozen clone that once swayed

   With the beat of waters deep and shallow,

The sand of time has raised you to stand firm,

   Against wind and tide holding inside secrets

Of an end to a beginning, winning a new role

   Guarding the free from a cruel sea yet calling

All life on land to remember her deep melody,


Ruinous building that once held laughter and tears,

   Now only wind and rain enter again to dance and sing,

A stone hewn from the land still stands outside the walls,

   A deeper song plays on in its’ erect stance,

Echoes from ages past memories last and call

   Between earth and sky to passers-by to remember,

Strength forged in a warm heart cannot be destroyed,

   It reaches for the sun by day and stars by night,

And never forgets the mystery in the light of the moon.

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