Saturday, 27 September 2008


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She stood silent in the doorway,

Uncertain whether to enter,

Or leave whether to go or stay,

Why had she come? What had sent her?

The weary sun sinks in the sky,

Clouds escorting him are leant a

Royal robe and parade on by,

A large flock of geese homeward bound,

Call to each other as they fly,

Eagerly sing their joyous sound.

It is all still as she recalled,

From the old faded blue front door,

To the garden ordered and walled,

Many years spent looking for more,

Had drawn her to lands far away,

Angry words spoken in haste saw,

Her not return until today,

Wealthier but poorer and sad,

The price too high she’d had to pay,

She calls, ‘It’s me. I’ve come home Dad.’

Music drifts on the evening air,

A crane fly dances in the night,

She can only listen and stare,

As it weaves in and out of light,

And seems to interpret the mood,

Of the melody and her fight,

And the loss of the love she rued,

It brushes gently on her jaw,

And she with new calm is imbued,

Then it flies through the open door.


I wrote this many months ago after listening to John Barry's 'Eternal Echoes'. Last night a crane fly danced around a picture in my lounge and gave me the photographs to illustrate the words that the track 'Returning Home' had inspired.

I hope the photographs don't upset anyone, I caught the fly in a glass very carefully and set it free in my garden. I don't have a lawn so I rarely get them in the house thankfully!

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nhd106 said...

Your words draw me in somehow...every time.   The photos always compliment the mood...or perhaps your words compliment the photo.   Interchangeable...