Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Nonsense and Nonsensability

The three-toed Gobbledeegook looked askance,

He couldn't quite figure the steps of the dance,

He shuffled his feet and crossed his toes,

Where he left his socks no one knows,

Except maybe the Snifferlot with the extra long nose,

Could probably find them if he chose,

Everyone sighed a huge sigh of relief,

When the Snifferlot chose not to cause such grief.

The music changed from a waltz to a tango,

The Gobbledeegook threw himself into a Fandango,

The Fandango wasn't at all amused,

And politely asked to be excused,

The Gobbledeegook wouldn't take no for an answer,

And proceeded to try to entrap and entrance her,

She looked at his feet and counted his toes,

Six in total, three in two rows.

The Fandango realised the Highland Fling

Was the dance for the Gobbledeegook, and started to sing,

'With your number of toes, in two separate rows,

The waltz and the tango will bring us to blows,

The figure of eight is the dance for you,

Since you've been blessed with toes so few,'

So everyone threw their hats in a ring,

And danced for joy to an air on a string.


...running...out....of ...photographs! <G>

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andrewfrnd said...

That put a smile on my face-thank you.