Sunday, 28 September 2008

Rhythm and Rhyme in Reason

I see the oak is undressing for the night,

   Soon a riot of colour will race through the air,

   Yet none will rival the feathers I wear,

And the simple song in white,

For a fleeting moment the water will carry

   Every possible hue and shade,

   Autumn invites all to her parade,

When sun and moon marry.


The earth will sing of long summer days,

   And bring to the wedding feast

   The most that will always be the least,

For she is well versed in nature’s ways,

The water will ring my silent song,

   Listen and you will surely see

   Musical waves surrounding me,

Now here is where I belong.


Look and you will surely hear,

   Waves of light on a passing melody,

   That once was played by an old oak tree,

Time now brings the music near,

The water dances and echoes the sound,

   My shadow sings in her domain,

   Like day and night I shall remain,

Reflecting rhythms that abound.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

I love the picture of the duck. reminds me of the pet duck we had as children