Sunday, 7 September 2008

On the Seventh Day

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I would give you a beautiful song,

   Making any who hear it want to stay and belong,

       To a time and place where there can be no wrong,

       You would sing it day and night,

   In dancing sunbeams and calm moonlight,

Silent music giving a moving sight.


Those who see your music playing,

   Will hear and understand what I am saying,

       As at their feet the earth is carefully laying

       Priceless jewels from her guarded store,

   And we see briefly through an open door,

The detailed design of nature’s law.


Love for the moment holds it forever,

   Not even time’s sharp arrow can sever

       The gently weaving thread that will never

       Loose its’ hold on an open heart,

   Promising that it shall not depart,

True love is eternal from the start.

Love never grows cold,

   It burns as fiercely as in my youth,

   When I first felt its’ flames of truth,

But now my heart is old,

Broken in the past,

   Memories only holding more pain,

   As they pierce my defences yet again,

Even betrayed, love will still last.

I reach up for love,

   And would hold it safely in my heart,

   But now unable to play its’ part,

It passes from above

Through strings that play,

   The songs of every season,

   Not acknowledging any reason,

Except love will find a way.

Love, greater than faith or hope,

   Conquers every human fear,

   Wipes away every bitter tear,

Steadies steps on the slippery slope,

It will not fade away when old,

   Like the transient morning dew,

   But glows as ancient rocks can do,

Given thyme granite grows with gold.

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1 comment:

pprrrr39 said...

Very, very nice...... peaceful.tranquil......... just where i would like to be right now
Thank you for this beautiful entry
hugs Jayne