Thursday, 25 September 2008

Who wants to be a Princess?

The Hebridean Princess sails regally out of the harbour,

Like a faithful dog the small boat shepherds its’ charge

Safely through the deep channel toward the open sea,

Joined for a moment by need and care the partnership forges

An unspoken bond that rides the white foam between them,

And like a sheepdog happy to have accomplished his task

Running down the hillside in a flash of black and white,

The pilot boat returns waving a white water tail high,

That reflects sunlight it streams out like silvered smoke.

I have no desire to be a princess but part of me cries out

For simple guidance through the dangerous waters I sail,

Yet another part feels a need to care that I cannot satisfy,

I feel lost in the foam without direction or purpose,

Barely survive being wrecked on the rocks,

Repeatedly sail too close to the wind for comfort,

I am an endangered boat and a lost sheepdog,

I cower from the pain with my tail between my legs,

There can be no joy in me when no job is well done.


Instinctively I seek a haven for my mangled mind,

   Words to hold ideas that might mend with a magic thread

      The deep weeping wounds of my broken heart,

   Wind round and weave my thoughts into the beauty instead

      That I see all around, touch happiness and never part,

So no matter how far I roam I will always find

   Myself at home on the journey I must travel,

   The tangled thread of my life I shall slowly unravel,

And spin the two together so they become safely entwined.


To a new found freedom I will become willingly bound,

Tied to my imagination my last dreams will sail,

From a safe haven toward uncharted seas,

Carrying me over waves of emotion I will ride

Through any storms into calmer waters and there

I will be held breathless between earth and sky,

Where thoughts lie frozen in time to be woken,

When the wind blows again through a foam filled crest,

And I rise to dance light as air on the deep water.


You may gather from this entry that things are a bit tough for me at the moment but I have every intention of catching another dream so hang on to your hats!

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