Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sometimes I wonder...

... if I am mad to see the things that I do.

The water flows like champagne,

   Bubbling beside and over the trail,

   The storm delivered rain and hail,

Water now streams down the lane,

Surging through debris it dances,

   Revealing a newly washed golden sky,

   On which the reflections of stars fly

And the shadow of a comet prances.

The flood flows through my open mind,

   Carrying pictures within pictures,

   No borders or strictures

Can confine the thoughts that I find,

Dancing in the dark like dreams,

   And words in bubbles rise,

   Try on the morning for size,

And create their own light beams.

...and sometimes I know I am mad to see the things that I do.

The sun didn’t come out to work today,

    He decided to take a holiday,

He went downtown and boarded a bus,

    He didn’t say who he was; or make any fuss.

He looked all around; he searched with a frown,

    He looked for a seat so he could sit down,

The bus was full only one vacant seat,

    It was right at the front, he thought that was neat.

The lunch tray was set at just the right angle,

    For his corona to rest on, prominence to dangle

Over the rim and through the spokes,

    He wished the moon could see and tell one of her jokes.

The silence was broken by a surprising ‘brum’,

    Which then settled down to a steady ‘hum’,

The sun was sure he hadn’t touched a thing,

    But the bus had certainly started to sing.

It’s my radiation, was the sun’s first thought,

    That shielding I bought isn’t doing what it ought,

The driver won’t need to turn on the heat,

    For warming the place I’ve got everyone beat!

The driver, ah yes, now who would that be?

    The sun thought for a second, oh gosh, it’s me!

Now where should I take this busload of folk?

    I need to remember the moon’s last joke.

Now although the sun is exceedingly bright,

    He loses his memory every night,

Which is why you hear many people say,

    Dawn is the start of every new day.

How does he lose it? That’s the secret of the moon,

    And she won’t reveal it any night soon,

Since she can tell him the same joke every time,

    As Jupiter charges a fortune for silly rhyme.

Jupiter rolls with laughter around the pair,

    Playing in storms with a humour rare,

The biggest and oldest a right royal red,

    Two small ones in a game of catch up instead.

The sun steered the bus to Oo’s and ahs,

    Out of the station under the stars,

An astronomer inside was completely dumbstruck,

    He stared and couldn’t believe his luck.

What should have been daytime wasn’t, so he

    Could now incredibly, amazingly see

Alignments he had held only in his mind’s eye,

    So he didn’t wonder why the sun wasn’t in the sky.

Venus was busy washing her hair,

    Mercury had run for his life to stare,

Mars shouted loudly his colour meant war,

    Venus claimed he was bluffing and blushing for sure.

Neptune mystically arose from the sea,

    Saturn repeatedly jumped through hoops in glee,

Uranus claimed ‘twas by his magic alone,

    Old age had a spring, and water turned to stone.

A request for a happy musical ride

    Was made by one then the other side,

The sun carefully searched his frequency band,

    For one, Oh one that he could stand.

It was high noon in the night around,

    So betting was started on the top winning sound,

Voted for by more than six and a half million,

    The sun rounded it up to a simple trillion.

The bus rocked away from ten down to one,

    Everyone agreed they were having great fun,

After that they all sent in a request,

    So they could also be heard on the best.

And then when I’ve taken you home, said the sun,

    I’ll listen to my favourite, because I’ll have done,

Everything to give you an interesting night,

    When you were expecting to see daylight.


I think occasional madness is a good survival tool in this mad world.

I hope I gave you a smile especially if your day seems very black.

Thanks to Warrington Networks for the bus :-)


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andrewfrnd said...

Another brilliant entry. I am getting behind in my journal reading but am slowly catching up.

pprrrr39 said...

Absolutely fantastic entry. I wish the sun would show his face here today... its overcast lets hope it doesnt rain
Hugs Jayne