Monday, 1 September 2008



Another good friend is allowing me to use his beautiful pictures of Scotland. Thank you Dougy, this song is for you.

Image credit DOUGY

Evergreen arrows from earth to sky,

   Forest giants striding straight and true,

From valley to where permanent snows lie,

   Your native land would be poorer without you.

Withstanding the worst of winter’s fury,

   Sentinels during the darkest days,

We should listen to your life’s story,

   For anything that could improve our ways.


Needle sharp, your leaf design,

   Breathing through blizzards of ice and snow,

Never denuded; aye, there’s a sign!

   When oak and ash shed all they grow,

After summer’s softness fed them fine,

   The moment autumnal winds do blow,

A waking sleep you decorously decline,

   A staunch friend you abide, or formidable foe.


Greeting spring with lofty ease,

   The cry of the eagle echoing o’er your land,

Above foaming waters the approaching sun frees,

   Acknowledging their right to the path they demand,

Scoring their songs to far-off seas,

   Slowly calming turmoil in a loving hand,

Swaying in time to a summer breeze,

   Under a blue and white sky you stand.


dbaumgartner said...

the pics and words are just lovely.  I really enjoy what you have posted in your journal.


pharmolo said...

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