Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Boom Boom

No picture, as my camera isn't good enough to capture these little creatures. However I thought I would take you on a visit to the particle zoo that will be opened by the Hadron Collider today :)

Let me take you on a visit to the particle zoo,

I'll go quite slowly, in case you are new

To the words and names of the little ones here,

I'll explain things carefully, so have no fear.


I'll deal with the Leptons, as in bandwaggon, first,

Since they're fundamental particles, now here comes the worst

They come in matter with an anti-matter twin,

With the same mass but opposite charge and magnetic spin.


The negatively named Electron, Muon and Tau

Have positive Positron, Anti-muon, Anti-tau pals now,

If I haven't confused you yet that's not all,

There are six neutral Neutrinos that nothing can stall.


Now we come to Quarks, as in up with the larks, they

Are bound by the strong nuclear force to stay

As Baryons, or Anti-baryons, at the atom's core,

In positive Protons and neutral Neutrons store.


There's a tasty set of Quarks in six different flavours,

When I read their names my bottom lip quavers,

Called Up and Down and Charm and Strange,

Top and Bottom complete the range.


Of course they all have their anti-matter twin,

So put anti- in front and widen your grin,

These names were given by seriously clever men,

So what chance has this poor idiot then?


PS Don't feed the bear facts

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dbaumgartner said...

Fun stuff. I love the toys at

My favorites are the Quarks; Especially the Strange Quark :-)


pprrrr39 said...

Certainly an eye opener for this

They certainly sound like fun
hugs Jayne